Dispatches from the jungle!

Our two years in Brunei are nearly at an end...
Our two years in Brunei are nearly at an end - every day time seems to speed up towards the day we leave. One of my most favorite things to do here is going into the jungle.

Brunei’s forests are protected (for the most part) from logging and palm plantations and so the majority of this tiny country is covered in primary jungle - no roads, no people, just trees, rivers and lots of amazing creatures!

I love being in the middle of nowhere - somewhere that takes an hours drive, a boat ride and a trek through the jungle to get to! Its so beautiful, the light filters through the canopy so that even in shaded areas, one big leaf will sparkle as a sun ray hits it. It’s LOUD though - an incredible orchestra of cicadas, crickets, birds and who knows what else! It’s HOT too and so sweaty and itchy - there’s no looking pretty in the jungle ??.

Having the opportunity to go into the trees with groups of soldiers is such a privilege and I am so lucky to now have some wonderful reference material to hopefully produce some paintings!

This is in progress - a young Nepalese Gurkha soldier on his first exercise in the jungle. I would love to hear what you think!

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