Recycling experiment no. 2...

Trying out the underpainting again
Ok so this one ended up turning out completely differently than I wanted / thought it would before I started!

During our Burma adventures last year, we visited Inle Lake - a huge lake complete with whole villages on stilts and floating vegetable farms. We barely touched dry land in 3 days, traveling everywhere by long boat and staying in a hotel on the lake. It was wonderful! The light there was every artists dream and everywhere you looked was a picture begging to be painted!

These “one legged” fishermen dressed in burnt orange suits only really practice this extraordinary way of fishing for the tourists I think. However it is truly an amazing sight to see them in the early morning light floating on a dead calm lake, their reflections as vivid as the real thing.

This is a study for a bigger studio painting in the making! Watch this space!

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